Justin Uhland, CPA
Taxes are complicated. I simplify them.

Real Estate Sales

Real Estate Sales

Buying & Selling

Being a licensed and practicing CPA allows me to provide my real estate clients with not only the usual services of assisting with the sale or purchase of their home or property, but I also provide them with a clear picture of all the financial and tax implications of the transaction as an added free service.

My passion for real estate mainly stemmed from having a Dad who was a real estate broker for over 25 years. I gained a tremendous amount of my real estate knowledge learning from him and his many years of experience. I then added to that the financial knowledge by becoming a Certified Public Accountant so I could best guide my clients.


Investing in real estate is much more than just finding pretty houses to buy that give you a warm fuzzy feeling. Investing is really about the return on investment, financing, long-term growth, tax strategy, etc. These are all things that as a licensed real estate agent & CPA I understand fully from both perspectives.

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Real Estate investment transactions can be quite complicated. Let me help guide you through the complete process from start to finish, and even after, so that you have no surprises come tax time!

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Contact me today (770)990-0206